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How to Reward Loyal Customers?

Your favorite sports website is having a live online auction. You’re so excited because you will finally be able to place a bid on the autographed gear from your favorite team! You have a rewards/loyalty account with this website and they are offering rewards members early access to the auction! You have a fighting chance of scoring that ultimate item of fan gear. Bragging rights are within your grasp!

There are so many ways you can reward loyal users. So, where do you begin? Think about what your customers want and what you can offer loyal customers for their repeat business. For example, a business that sells football products may offer a free standard football to customers who have earned at least 100 points on their previous purchases (where each point is $1 spent). On the other hand, if you run a strictly online business, you may offer free shipping on their 10th purchase. Or offer them a buy one, get one free offer on their 2nd day of purchasing. Here’s an outline of a few strategies you can reward your loyal customers…

Offer Rewards Cards/Points – Allowing repeat customers to rack up points towards free products or discounts is a fantastic way to show your loyal patrons they are important to your business. They’ll want to recommend you to their friends, which will help your dream become a long-running success.

Offer Surprise (or Planned) Discounts – For example, you go to your favorite sports store one day and after checking out you’re informed that if you bring your receipt with you on your next trip, you’ll receive 20% off your total purchase. In addition to happy surprises like this, you can offer planned discounts to loyal customers by giving them a flyer for a discount on their purchase during your annual sale.

Recommendation Rewards – Giving your loyal customers’ rewards, like a $50 gift card, for every person they recommend will encourage them to recommend you to all their friends and family! Go even further than that and don’t put restrictions on how many recommendations you can make and be rewarded.

Sales – Offering sales can be a huge business builder. You’ll be able to build your clientele, as well as reward your loyal customers. Offering repeat customers extra discounts on top of the already slashed prices will encourage them to shop and save.
Rewarding loyal customers are only limited by your imagination. These are the people you want to keep happy and grow your business with. Engagement and encouragement are the baselines for a great loyalty program. Getting your repeat customers to participate in your business helps them feel they’re a part of your dream.

FanTribe takes consumer engagement and encouragement seriously. We offer sports fans loyalty perks that keep our customers coming back and participating on a regular basis. Contact us today to know more about our loyalty program, fan engagement, and what makes our sports app experience unique!

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