Engage The Modern Sports Fan

The social rewards platform transforming the business of sport.

Fan engagement that creates loyalty

Fantribe Social Rewards Mobile App allows fans to see what friends are saying, celebrate key moments together, receive real-time insights and info from the Club’s inner sanctum. Fans can even hear from players and the coach during the game, all through the one app.

FanTribe is the modern sports fan loyalty platform that helps clubs to effectively deliver relationship marketing strategies that drive profitable growth.

FanTribe replaces the traditional loyalty card with a relationship-driven platform, seamlessly integrating real-time gamification, social and reward strategies into a unified fan experience.

Value driven relationships

A marketplace for Fans, Sports Clubs and Commercial Partners that allows all participants to seamlessly co-create and exchange valuable interactions.

The FanTribe platform is an owned community for Sports Clubs to create long-term value by creating a more immersive experience.



The digital FanCard tracks every engagement, reward and leader board ranking, whilst keeping all of your member information in the one place.


Share real-time updates before, during and after the game - think of it like Facebook, but dedicated to Sports.


Reward passion through awarding points for engagement, to unlock awesome deals from the club and its commercial partners.


Incentivize ongoing fan engagement through weekly and season based games

Lowest Unique Bid Auctions

Auction game memorabilia, and unique opportunities through an inclusive and interactive bidding engine.

Game Day

Provide live match data, scoring info, real-time messaging and exclusive videos from the club's media box, change rooms and coaching box.

Flash Sales

Offer time sensitive deals from Commercial Partners, Sponsors and the Club.

Predictions and Polls

Interact with your fans with live polls and predictions, pre, during and post all of the game day action.


Recognise loyal members with status levels earned by accumulating points.

The ultimate in second screen experiences

Fan Engagement Solution, FanTribe, delivers all the best insider action straight to Apple iPhone and iPad or Android Smartphone and Tablet devices.

How It Works