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How Immersive Marketing Can Help You Tell a 360 Degree Story

If you’re waiting at a bus stop before beginning your morning commute, you’ll probably notice billboards, flyers, etc. advertising a local business, product, or sports team/event. Surrounding consumers with ads including, but not limited to, ads, commercials, and online marketing is what we call immersive marketing. You are immersing, or surrounding, your potential customers with reminders that your business is open and your products are top of the line.

However, the beauty of immersive marketing doesn’t end at surrounding your customers with ads. Immersive marketing can help you tell an entire story about your business/products. For instance, you are flipping through the weekly local newspaper and you see an ad about a grand opening for a new business. It looks like a neat store, so you think you may go to the opening. The next day, you are watching the local news and a commercial for that same store comes on. Except this time, the owner is on there and tells a little bit about their family and the products they will be selling. By using 2 different media outlets, the business is immersing potential consumers with advertisements, while also telling the beginning of their story.

Now, you might be wondering: What is my story and how do I tell it? Here are some tips for telling your story…

  1. A complete 360-degree story has a beginning, middle, and end/future. So, begin with where your inspiration for your business began/came from. Tell your customers your back story!
  2. The middle part of your story is where your business is now. Let customers know that you are passionate about your trade and you want them to join you on your journey.
  3. Finally, the end of your story isn’t really an end, but a hope for the future. Show what you envision for your store’s future by advertising “Coming Soon” products.

Your story is how your passion became a business and how your business is catering to your customers’ passions. Knowing how your business began and what you dream it will become in the future, gives your customers a sense of friendship and loyalty. If they fall in love with your story and what you offer them as a part of that story, they will be more than willing to stick with you for years to come.
Immersive marketing is a strategy that offers multiple ways to tell your complete 360-degree story. By making your business a part of your consumers’ daily lives, through advertisements of all mediums, you are inviting them on a journey. From the opening of your business, all the way to your future designs, immersive marketing allows you the chance the tell your story.

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At FanTribe, we understand the importance of immersive marketing and telling your story. We have designed our app so that your customers are engaged and a part of your story. 
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Customer loyalty needs a foundation to build on. Why not make that foundation by telling your brand story through Fan Engagement App?


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