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Four Tips To Create A Killer Gamification Strategy

You’re probably wondering what gamification is? Maybe you’ve already assumed and mixed it up with gaming? Well, here’s an eye-opener.  “We should understand that gamification is quite different from gaming. It is, in fact, the concept of applying game-design thinking into non-game applications/context.”

Statistics have shown recently that a ridiculous percentage – 80% to be exact – of gamified projects are doomed to fail. We believe that this high number is not all down to problems with the gamification concept, and we also believe that the problem can be attributed on a higher level to the choices that people make when designing their game mechanics. 

Our experts here at FanTribe believe that there is a lot of value to be found in connecting and engaging with your users on a deeper level. You should build your design around what you believe satisfies their needs and desires, in a way that they can identify with it and derive a compelling experience. There are a lot of ways through which you can create a killer gamification strategy, and for the purpose of this post, we have identified four that you can and should follow. 

1. Simple game mechanics

Your game mechanics should be easy to understand. There is really no point in stacking up countless badges and rewards if the user does not know what to do to earn them. You should try to set up in a way that one action by the user leads to one specific result. Hypothetically, your users will be more motivated to earn the badges and/or rewards that you have to offer only if they understand the exact things that they are doing to earn. More importantly, they do not end up getting confused and subsequently disinterested.

2. Incorporate social media

This applies to practically every kind of progressive, modern idea in today’s market. The social media already encompasses a large part of the internet and it is increasingly becoming an integral part of any successful company/business. In accordance with this fact, you should attempt to integrate your game mechanics with social media.  
For example, if, as an e-commerce company, you set up some sort of incentive that encourages your users to invite friends to sign up, you will be directly impacting the growth of your business in a positive way, as there will be motivation and willingness, excitement even, on the part of your existing users, to bring more users to your platform, because they will be getting something for it. Incredibly, this is only one of the ways by which you can take advantage of social media.

3. Hire professional designers

This goes without saying, really. If you are planning to meet up with your business objectives and retain user interest, it is important that you hire designers that understand the importance of user experience to gamification on any level.
This is something that FanTribe can work with you on, as we have a team of experienced professionals in the field, who will advise you and also incorporate your own ideas into your game design, helping you to create a game design that will guarantee wonderful user experience.

4. Build game mechanics with a purpose

Finally, you should not just implement gamification techniques for the sake of it. There should be an end game in mind, a purpose. You should be able to build mechanics that will cause a change in the behavioral pattern of your users. Positive changes, of course.
Evaluate your options and make sure that your game mechanics is causing some sort of change – it might be that they lead to increased engagement by your users, maybe it causes them to interact more with your system than they would a non-gamified system – but you should make sure that it does lead to something.

Gamification isn’t magic, but it needs to be done properly to be effective. To achieve this, you need to work with professionals that understand the intricacies of the subject, and you need not look further than you have. FanTribe experts are on hand to help, and all you have to do is reach out to us today to get some help with your gamification system. So do it!

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