Bringing fans closer to the action than ever before!



There’s nothing better than watching sports with friends.

Now you can see what your friends are saying, celebrate key moments together, receive real-time updates from the Club’s inner sanctum, and even hear from players and the coach during the game – all through the one app. Best of all, it’s completely free to be part of the fun and action!

The Official Jaguars (UK) app is the best way for our loyal fans to experience the Jacksonville Jaguars in the UK like never before, all whilst earning exclusive rewards just for doing the things you love!

It’s our way of saying thanks!

Exclusive Rewards

Earning rewards is easy.

Every time you use the app, you can participate in a range of activities and earn points. When you have earned enough points, an offer becomes ‘unlocked’ and it’s then yours to redeem. We also have regular prizes and a special end-of season prize for the ‘best of the best’ fans!

Download the app and get started today!


Combining the best of sporting traditions with the best of digital


The digital FanCard tracks every engagement, reward and leaderboard ranking, whilst keeping all your fan information in the one place.


Get latest announcements, game-day exclusives and share the best moments during the season with your friends and followers. You'll never miss a moment of the action again!


Earn points every time you use the app and unlock amazing rewards from the Club and our partners.


Compete with other Jaguars fans to work your way up the leaderboard. Every fan has the opportunity to win the regular and end of season prizes.


Get your free daily spins for a chance to earn points that will unlock rewards and take you up the leaderboard.

Game Day

Game day has just got a whole lot more exciting. We're giving you unprecedented access to the Jaguars innner sanctum.

Flash Sales

Access limited time and exclusive offers from the Club and our partners.

Predictions and Polls

Participate in live polls and predictions - before, during and after the game.


Earn recognition among the Jaguars community for being an awesome Jaguars fan. The more you play, the more your status in the fan community will increase.

The ultimate in second screen experiences

Official Jaguars (UK) app delivers all the best insider action straight to your Apple iPhone and iPad or Android smartphone and tablet devices.

How It Works