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Why Gamification Works?

Think about your favorite electronic game. It may be one you played when you were a child, or it could be a game you play on your mobile when you are stressed. Let’s say your favorite game is Candy Crush. Now, think about what makes Candy Crush so fun and addictive? Some features you may come up with are bright colors/graphics, awesome rewards, and challenging levels. These features are what make games fun! Gamification is simply taking the best aspects of games and working them into your business’ digital platform. Still not sure why gamification works? Let’s break down a game’s best features and put them into a business setting…

Bright Colors/Graphics

When you see an app for a business, what draws your eyes to it? More than likely, it’s the bright or bold colors/graphics. Your mind is naturally stimulated by unique colors and tantalizing graphics. The gaming world understands this, so they throw as many colors and crazy graphics as possible in their games. So, why not use this in a business setting? Invite users to your website or app by making them visually stimulating. Pick color over black and white any day!

Awesome Rewards

After you complete a level of Candy Crush, you get rewarded with points and a pass to move on to the next level. This leaves you with the confidence and desire to go for the next level asap. You want to feel accomplished and rewards for your achievements is a great way to obtain that feeling. If your business hosts a play-and-win game that offers rewards such as free products or discounts, you will draw in extraordinary amounts of customers! People want free rewards. Gamification makes earning rewards fun and exciting.

Challenging Levels/Tiers

Giving away coupons is one thing, but having customers work to earn greater discounts/rewards appeals to our competitive nature. You may remember a few years ago when McDonald’s had their Monopoly game available for customer participation. You would buy certain foods from them that would come with two stickers. Each sticker had either an “instant win” or a Monopoly property name on the underside of it. You would collect the properties and once you had collected all the ones in a series, you would get the prize designated for that series. Prizes began at free food and went all the way up to $1 million! The bigger the prize, the harder it was to find all the properties in that series. Even though it was nearly impossible to find all the properties needed to collect a prize, people kept returning and making purchases just for the possibility of completing one of those challenging levels.

Bottom Line

Gamification works! People love playing games and will probably continue to love playing them for centuries to come. With gamification, businesses can now make their trade fun and exciting. FanTribe takes the world of sports and makes it engaging and entertaining by implementing gamification methods that are proven to work. Now, you can too!

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