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Top 5 Gamification Examples to Engage the Modern Fan

When was the last time you played a game of some sort either on your phone, computer, or tv? It was recently, right? From the time we are able to comprehend the rules of a game, we are hooked. It may be the competition aspect or perhaps the adrenaline rush you get when you are racing against the clock. So, it makes sense that businesses are taking the components of a game and incorporating them into their products. You may be wondering, “How does gamification help a sports fan?” Here are five gamification examples to engage the modern sports fan…

Fantasy Tournaments

Standard video games become more interesting and challenging when you play against another player, or in a group of players. The same can be said for online sports fans. If a sports website/app allows its users to create and compete in fantasy tournaments, they can feel that competitiveness that appeals to sports fans in the first place.

Rewards for Participation

When you are rewarded for your time and effort, you feel wanted and important. This is a gamification example that is so important for businesses to understand and use. Rewarding your customers for participating in surveys, discussion boards, etc. gives you an edge on your competition by keeping your customers coming back for more.

Unique Games

For a sports fan, the championship game is the big event. So, while you are waiting for the big event to arrive, why not participate in an online game? Whether it be a spin-the-wheel game for a discount or a complete-a-mission game for a free product, your customers can participate in a game that suits your product/business. This will keep them coming back to your business and making purchases that will fuel your business’ success.

Brainstorming Competitions

Sports fans love to show their team pride by accessorizing with hats, jewelry, clothing, car decals, etc. A great way to get these proud sports fans over to your business, you can hold a brainstorming competition. This means you let customers design a product (logo, t-shirt, game, etc.) in favor of their favorite sports team and then put the submissions out for a public vote. This is a great gamification example because it not only gains the interest of customers, but also makes your design team’s jobs a little easier because the new product will be completely designed by a customer.

Game Engagement

This is when a business hosts a live stream of a game or games and encourages their users to watch and comment as the game progresses. This strategy allows the user to feel a part of a group (almost like you would if you were sitting on a couch with a few buddies watching the big game).

At FanTribe, we implement several gamification techniques to keep our users active. We want the fans to come back to us daily and contribute to our fan engagement platform. 

Why FanTribe?

Fantribe Social Rewards Mobile App allows fans to see what friends are saying, celebrate key moments together, receive real-time insights and info from the Club’s inner sanctum. Fans can even hear from players and the coach during the game, all through the one app. FanTribe is the modern sports fan loyalty platform that helps clubs to effectively deliver relationship marketing strategies that drive profitable growth. Create an ecosystem that builds reciprocal, long-lasting and loyal relationships.

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