Heralding a new era in fan engagement, the launch of FanTribe provides a solution that will secure the future for cash strapped professional Sports Clubs seeking to take advantage of the digital age.

Its bold vision transforms the sporting landscape by bringing Clubs closer to their fans, enabling an immersive fan experience that provides a positive commercial return.


“While having the biggest social media footprint of any professional sport club in Australia, we know more than anyone that businesses have to be on Facebook and the like, as our customers are there too. However relying only on the social networks to engage digitally with our customers means we are never truly understanding who our fans are, their preferences and interests. Ultimately this is impacting our ability to drive commercial growth throughout the business.”

Terry Reader

Chief Commercial Officer, Brisbane Broncos


FanTribe is the outcome of over five years of research and development. During that time we collaborated closely with fans, clubs and consultants in the sporting industry, and in doing so gained a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities they face.

This, combined with our team’s deep insights into the mobile consumer, has paved the way for this ground-breaking technology. The platform will not only drive fan-centric engagement but more importantly, puts in place the digital foundation that will deliver a solid commercial return for clubs and their partners into the future.

Shaun Dobbin

CEO, Gomeeki



FanTribe’s launch partner, ASX listed Brisbane Broncos (ASX: BBL) are one of Australia’s biggest sport brands and have been hugely successful on and off the pitch.

FanTribe is a social rewards app with a digital loyalty card and e-wallet at its core.
The mobile apps enhance the fan experience when watching a match, wherever they might be.
Fans have unprecedented access to the Club’s inner sanctum – the source of exclusive behind the scenes action and real-time updates from the Club, players and even inside the coach’s box.
FanTribe’s unique virtual currency makes mobile payments seamless. The digital wallet will be used to purchase not just digital goods, but also physical goods and ultimately replace cash at stadiums.
The FanTribe marketplace enables brands to create immersive advertising experiences, that drive sales.
FanTribe is free to download and the mobile applications are available for iOS and Android devices.
The FanTribe platform is globally available, and new clubs can be onboarded within a matter of weeks.

Download Broncos FanTribe, free from the App Store and Google Play:



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