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How To Make Sports Fan Experiences Better

Today’s sports fans are changing the world of sports at an exponential rate (mostly due to the rise in technology access). Think about it: Fifteen years ago, how many of your neighbors had a smartphone? Probably not that many. With smartphones, tablets, live streaming, and so on fans have access to their sports news and fanbases 24/7. So, how can a sports club/brand make a fan’s experience better? While there are many techniques, we will focus on 5:

  • Adapting: With more and more fans having access to their favorite sports teams through technology, clubs and brands must adapt to fit the needs of millions more than they used to. This can include developing an app that adjusts times of games and broadcasts according to the user’s time zones or providing accurate language translations for non-native speakers. If you don’t adapt, you get left behind!
  • Interacting: Technology has opened a whole new world of interaction with others.  When you offer polls, message boards, chat rooms, and such to your app users, you are giving them avenues to reach desired attention. The more interactive your app is, the better your fans’ experiences will be.
  • Viewing: It used to be that there were two ways to view a sporting event…in person or on the television. Now, you can view games, press conferences, and sports shows on your phone, tablet, laptop, computer, tv, and/or in person. An app that offers its users flexibility and exclusivity in viewing content will enhance their experiences ten-fold. Give your fans access to live commentary from the field or the pep-talks in the locker rooms between quarters! Next thing you know, they will be bragging about this amazing app that got them exclusive content during last night’s game!
  • Ticket Discounting: It isn’t a secret that sporting events have slowly been rising in ticket prices. With higher prices, lower to middle-class fans can’t afford going to see a game in person. This is blatantly obvious when the network cameras pan across the stadium during a game and see hundreds and hundreds of empty seats. So, how can your sports club/brand app help get those fans back in those empty seats? You can offer ticket discounts/coupons to the next match! Or, you can offer a discount code that the customer can use to purchase tickets (if the ticket vending is outside of your jurisdiction). Make your fan’s experience better by helping them back into the stadium to get the adrenaline rush of being at a live game!
  • Promoting Change: When a fan comes to your app to check a game’s score, he/she may be surprised to see a new tab titled “Make A Difference” in the menu options. Click on it and the fan will see a story about a village in Africa that is in dire need of clean drinking water. Through your app, users can donate $1 to send to this village for the purpose of installing a water purification system. This is just one example of how your app can enhance a fan’s experience. Promoting change in a world where hope is often scarce can possibly be life-changing for any app user.

We are fairly certain that your sports club/brand is always searching for new ways to enhance a fan’s experience with your team or brand. That’s why at FanTribe we do our homework and discover new ways to accomplish this goal for you. As a FanTribe family member, you will be a part of a company that works to bring the best of sports and technology into one place. Contact us today and discover what joys FanTribe can provide for your fans!

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