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How Mobile Apps are Changing the Business of Sports?

When you were growing up, you probably attended local sports events. It could have been a Friday night football game at your city’s high school stadium. Or maybe it was an adult league baseball game. No matter what the sport, you became a fan of the sport and probably a particular team. We are constantly surrounded by fan gear, such as hats, shirts, mugs, etc. So, once the digital age arrived, it wasn’t a surprise that the average sports fan’s experience changed. The utilization of mobile apps is one-way sports have gained momentum and expanded the number of active fans. But, how does this happen?

What is so special about a mobile app for sports? Here are a few key features that mobile apps for sports offer…

Live-Streaming – It used to be that if we wanted to know what was happening during a game that we couldn’t physically attend, we would have to watch it on television or listen to it on the radio. Now, we can watch/listen to a game from any mobile device thanks to living streaming. Live streaming offers the freedom of choosing where and how we watch a game. We haven’t tied to the tv or the car radio anymore…we can choose to watch a game anywhere.

Social Media – It’s no secret that social media is the most popular way to communicate on the internet. For sports, you can now tweet your thoughts on a game or update your Facebook status with the current score of a game you are watching. Social media allows sports fans to connect, share stats and stories, and form bonds over their common interests.

Instant Replay Software – One little known feature of some mobile sports apps is the ability to see real-time replays and analyze those replays for teachable/correcting moments. Many coaches have a tablet that has such an app downloaded so they can immediately show their players what the play looked like and how to improve it. This is especially helpful during practices but can also be useful during actual games. No more drawing diagrams on a dry-erase board!

Loyalty/Incentive Programs – If you have a sports app downloaded on your phone, it more than likely focuses on your favorite sport (or even a specific team). A great sports app will offer rewards for activity within the app, such as posting a review of a game or completing surveys for free gear. A way to encourage fans to attend events/games is by offering points or coupons when tickets to a game are purchased through the app.

The business of sports is changing. It’s becoming more digital, which is great in many ways. At FanTribe, we offer an unmatched mobile sports app experience. Fans are encouraged to join in activities and see updates on sports of their choosing. We take the interests of a sports fan and transform them into passions that are encouraged on a daily basis!

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