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How Football Clubs Can Take Fan Engagement To Next Level?


Football. Just the word stirs excitement in the soul of every football fan. Fans and players dream about what each new season will bring in terms of wins, losses, trades, etc. Favorite football teams become household names for the next season (or even the whole year!) and everyone wants to stay “in the know” about the players and coaches.

If there is one thing that people all over the world have in common, it’s the love of sports. Competitive sports have been a backbone of each society for literally hundreds of years. So, how can you tap into the similar passions of fellow fans, club owners, and sports brands? Find a place where fans can roost for the season and beyond! You may be wondering, “Does such a place exist?” Well, at FanTribe, it does!


We have created a perfect app for football fan clubs by building on these 5 aspects:


  • Curiosity: One thing we know about sports fans is they are curious about the players and their lives. So, FanTribe incorporates up-to-date facts and statistics about specific players and the team, as a whole. When you feel connected to your favorite team on many levels (from personal to professional), your bond and loyalty grow each season. FanTribe provides all the details fans could ever want on their favorite players and teams!



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  • Emotion: Passion and emotion for a sport and/or team are what drive a fan base. Fans are naturally emotional about a team when they have a connection with them. Usually, an emotional connection will stem from childhood. No matter where/when the connection originates, FanTribe welcomes new and lifetime fans to one place to share information, stats, facts, etc. with other fans. It’s like being in the room with encyclopedias devoted to one team!


  • Usefulness: Sports apps aren’t unlike others in the sense that they need to be useful to the users. Otherwise, what’s the point? FanTribe is useful to not only fans but sports club owners and sports brands. We offer club owners the opportunity to create a permanent, deep connection with fans by providing them with the sports app experience of a lifetime. A FanTribe sports club app will give fans an experience full of features such as personalized communications, profiles, real-time analytics, payments, and cloud architecture. Additionally, a FanTribe sports brand partner will be able to advertise sports- and team-specific audiences. We offer a variety of ad space for brands, so they maximize the number of fans who will benefit from their products.


  • Surprise: FanTribe likes to be unique. This is what sets us apart from other sports apps. We build on our uniqueness by giving users “surprises” along the way. This can be as simple as a team’s official song/national anthem being played when the user opens the app, or it can be flash sales on sports gear. And it gets better! One of the coolest parts of a FanTribe app is getting to hear from players and coaches before, during, and/or after games. Some teams offer their fans access to coach mics during games, so they can hear exclusively what is happening on the field. Talk about a way to brag to other fans who don’t have access to that content!


  • Socialize: Another aspect FanTribe builds on is socialization. After all, what would be the point of a fan app if there wasn’t a way to communicate with other fans? With message boards, chats, shops, etc., FanTribe gives each fan a feeling of community without ever leaving their home!



FanTribe is always looking to expand fanbases and bring cutting-edge experiences to its users. These are just 5 of the most prominent aspects we use in our app every day. As sports club owners, FanTribe offers you a way to connect with your fans on a whole new level. We give your fans the unbelievable sports app experience they have been looking for! As for brands, FanTribe can give you easy access to the sports consumers you target.

When you partner up with FanTribe, you reach thousands of undiscovered fans that need your brand to fuel their team spirit! What’s not to love about that?! So, whether you are a fan, club owner, and/or brand manager, head over to FanTribe today and discover the possibilities we can bring to you.


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