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What is Experiential Marketing?

A quick example of experiential marketing – When you were a teenager, did you ever join a club or team? Perhaps it was football or another sport. No matter what kind of team it was, you felt a connection with your teammates. You practiced together, you played together. Since you felt you had an equal part in your team, you did your best to contribute your time and skills to see that team succeed.

When you feel a part of something, you want it to succeed. This is how experiential marketing (sometimes called engagement marketing) works and is so successful. So, let’s break this down. By definition, experiential marketing is a strategy that engages or involves the consumers by encouraging them to be a part of the evolution, or success, of the brand. In experiential marketing, the consumer drives the brand into its stardom. The consumer can now contribute to what products or programs the brand dishes out to the public. In other words, experiential marketing allows the consumer to be a part of the company’s team, which ultimately leads to the team’s success.

You might be wondering:

How can this possibly work and not be complete chaos? Well, there are a few trade secrets that make experiential marketing work. First, a “shell” of processes are put in place before the website or brand is offered to the public. This means that simple things like how to be rewarded, how to submit suggestions, etc. are clearly outlined in the website’s “How To” space. This is where your consumers will go to see what “rules” your company plays by. This is especially helpful when using experiential marketing to promote a sports event via website or app (like FanTribe). Consumers will see what they need to contribute in order to be rewarded for their efforts and loyalty.

Another thing that keeps an experiential marketing campaign together is following through on your promises. Imagine you have a loyalty card for your favorite coffee shop. With this card, you get a free coffee after you buy 10 cups of coffee. The last time you were at the shop, you bought your 10th cup, which means this cup of coffee you are about to buy today should be free. You go to the cashier, she scans your loyalty card, sees you are eligible for a free cup of coffee, but informs you that you can only get the free cup if you buy a scone as well. Um, what? You would probably do the most logical thing you can think of: Turn around, leave, and never come back. Following through on your rewards program (with no loopholes) keeps your consumers loyal!
If you would like to see a great example of experiential marketing, go-to FanTribe app and check it out! We offer great loyalty rewards and opportunities for sports fans across the world.

 Experiential Marketing

What is FanTribe?

FanTribe is the modern sports fan loyalty platform that helps clubs to effectively deliver relationship marketing strategies that drive profitable growth. FanTribe replaces the traditional loyalty card with a relationship-driven platform, seamlessly integrating real-time gamification, social and reward strategies into a unified fan experience. A marketplace for Fans, Sports Clubs and Commercial Partners that allows all participants to seamlessly co-create and exchange valuable interactions.

Many Sports Clubs are still largely in the dark when it comes to knowing their fans preferences, interests and value to the business. The FanTribe platform is the ideal sports fan engagement solution that unlocks contextual Fan data to ensure value is created on each side of the interaction, allowing smart marketers to become more customer-focused in their approach to fan engagement. Take your experiential Marketing to the next level with FanTribe.

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